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Tony Jones
Serving Central & Western Alaska

* Condition / Valuation Surveys

* Damage Claims

* Expert Witness

* ON / OFF Hire

* Suitability for Tow

* Audio Gauging

*Cargo Surveys

* Wreck Removal Oversight

* Pollution Mitigation Oversight

* Out of Water Hull Inspections

I began Watermark Marine Surveying and Consulting in 2010 and have since been conducting C/V surveys, damage claims (some jointly with other firms), audio gauging, writing reports, letters of opinion. I have been called as an expert witness and given depositions in marine accident litigation involving civil and punitive damages.


I owned and managed Dreamboat Annie Inc., which operated sixteen fishing vessles from 1978 to present.


I was born, raised, and currently reside in Kodiak, Alaska. I owned my first boat at six years old and have been actively involved with the commercial fisheries and other areas of the marine industry for my entire working career. In spring of 2019 I began assisting Tony Jones in conducting vessel surveys.




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